COLORNOU S.A is a company dedicated to yarn dyeing for the textile industry since 1989. Colornou s.a is quality of product and service, it is research and innovation and therefore evolution. All this is what allows us to grow day by day and offer our customers a great series of possibilities with a product of the highest quality.




Our section of windings and robotic cells are destined to prepare the yarn balls in ideal quality conditions, and optimized for a better environmental performance in the dyeing process.




Our productive innovation allows us a high level of flexibility, since we have automated autoclaves with a wide variety of dyeing capacities in a range that includes from 25 to 800 kg of product. Colornou has service lines that include dyeing both natural fibers (silk, cotton, linen, etc.); as artificial (polyester, acrylic, polyamides, etc .); as technical yarns, and of course, their mixtures. Also having, where appropriate, the different applicable qualities of dyeing.


3. Finished product


After passing our exhaustive quality controls, conditions such as metering, waxing, etc. are applied in the bitter sections, adapting the orders to the needs that are needed and required by our clients in this regard. Conditions also controlled prior to packaging and product identification, completing our comprehensive service carried out entirely in our facilities.